i-Kcal is committed to consistently deliver INTELLIGENT Heating & Cooling Solutions, Which are not just INNOVATIVE, but also INTEGRATES Engineering Science with various aspect of Process Plants making them Future Ready.


At its core, i-Kcal Systems Engineering LLP, is committed to consistently deliver Best in Class integrated and agile Engineering Services, Systems and Turnkey EPC solutions to meet complex and evolving Customer needs. The foundation of our success lies in our commitment to the three tenets; “Safety, Quality, Integrity”. When you discover i-Kcal, you’ll find a company ready and capable to deliver a variety of thermal engineering and consultancy services, wide range of customised Systems and Quality Products with a process focused on efficiency, communication, and quality control.



Best in Class Products, Leading Technology and Reliable Solutions for Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency for Wide Applications.



The goal is for customers to feel that they are special, by building a great experience, not just the best but legendary. It is the understanding of all i-Kcal employees that dedication to quality, ethics and pioneering, will distinguish the company's growth potential. This distinction helps advancement of self and society.

i-Kcal endeavors to give real service making an impact that others in the industry will follow for years to come. Always focused on the customer needs, striving to fully satisfy them, with supreme confidence, determination and disregard for obstacles.