a simple goal

With our "safety first" program, we believe that safe choice is an investment into making our lives more meaningful, and we encourage and trust our employees to adopt these ideals while on the job. Every job is important, but more so are the people that compose them. First and foremost, their safety is our priority.


a true measure

Positive, Passionate, Persistent. These words detail the merit that i-Kcal brings to each and every site. We are dedicated in promoting confidence and knowledge by outperforming the schedule and delivering uncompromised quality. It is with the ambition of upholding this reputation of performance that we are driven.



our sincere effort

At i-Kcal, we are known for providing quality work, a direct proportion to excellence. i-Kcal is entrusted with the responsibility of regulating, controlling and ensuring the quality to fulfill the customer's requirements using the very best products and materials as per the given specifications. Quality is our ultimate guarantee.


our strength

i-Kcal has a mission to provide customers with exceptional service, unparalleled by others in the industry. A commitment to excellence, honesty, professionalism, and quality enables i-Kcal in achieving superior customer satisfaction. Implementation with integrity is our core passion.